H.E. Fatma Mohammed Rajab - Ambassador
Ambassador of United Republic of Tanzania in Muscat, Oman.

Dear All,

I am delighted to welcome you to this official Site of the Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania to the Sultanate of Oman. It is really an honour and privilege to have you with us. Welcome. Karibu Sana! Ahlan Wasahalan

This website basically aims at serving as a source of an updated information on the United Republic of Tanzania, the Land of Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar, so as to put everyone in the know on the current political, economic and social developments of our country. Equally important this website aims at providing current information on the Oman/Tanzania relations which are very special and unique. This uniqueness is borne out of the long cultural, historical and blood relations that happily exist between the Sultanate of Oman and United Republic of Tanzania, dating back to many centuries ago. You may wish to know that Oman is the only country outside Africa where its people have blood relations with Tanzania families and where Swahili is spoken by many as a first language.

Our challenge and primary task of our Mission is therefore, first and foremost, to maintain these special relations and take them to greater heights in a sustainable manner by translating the same into concrete and tangible gains for our two countries and peoples.

I want to believe that an important way of achieving and sustaining the above objective is by having a result orientated strong political, economic and social cooperation between our two countries.

Politically, the two countries have gone a long way towards cementing their political relations. The landmark historical visit of the President of the United Republic of Tanzania H.E Jakaya M. Kikwete to the Sultanate of Oman from 17  to 21 October 2012 was a strong signal of the existing high level political relations between our two countries. Successive and regular visit exchanges at all levels as you would observe on this site proves the same point.

On the economic front Tanzania has, for sometime now embarked on the Economic Diplomacy as the driving force of its Foreign Policy aiming at encouraging strong economic relations with other countries including Oman and International Organizations and Institutions. In this regard, Tanzania has created an enabling and conducive environment for doing business and attract investments as you will observe in the successive pages as you go through this site. Please keep on going!

On the Social front there has been an increased cultural exchanges between our two countries and indeed groups and individuals between our two countries. This trend which is an important aspect of Public Diplomacy and people to people interactions has continued to provide a boost in creating a better understanding between our two peoples at grass-root level.

Please keep on going through this website to explore more details and expand your horizon on what the United Republic of Tanzania has to offer. Last but not least I would like to welcome and encourage you to send us your feedbacks and comments as these are very important to us. This will encourage us to do more by understanding your needs and concerns.

Thanking you all for your time.

Thank you. Ahsante Sana. Ahsatum Jazeela.

Ambassador H.E. Fatma Mohammed Rajab
Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania to the Sultanate of Oman